27th Jan 2016 – Pizza Tramp

There’s been a lot of very positive things said about Pizza Tramp and although I haven’t heard them, I did trade for a copy of their LP to check it out. Trading some advert space in Lights Go Out with their label, TNS Records.

On green translucent coloured vinyl, this is a one sider, though like I say, I am yet to play it.

pizzatramp-blowingchunksInfo here: https://www.discogs.com/Pizzatramp-Blowing-Chunks/release/9650217

27th Jan 2016 – Pizza Tramp

27th Jan 2016 – Face To Face Boxset

Playing a bit of catch up here…

Back in November I ordered the limited edition Kings Road variant of the Face To Face boxset.  Due before Christmas, it of course arrived in January.  Have to say the actual record sleeves had some wear on them, but seems to be a common issue with the boxset, not Kings Road fault, as the sets were sealed.  Just a shame, considering the cost.

Three LP’s which are: Big Choice, Don’t Turn Away and the self titled LP.

Face To Face remain one of my favourite bands, so this was pretty much an essential for me to add to the collection.  Looks great and of course sounds amazing.

Limited to 200 it says and this edition was curated by Trever Keith.

facetoface-boxset1facetoface-boxset2facetoface-boxset3facetoface-boxset4facetoface-bigchoicefacetoface-dontturnawayfacetoface-facetofaceInfo: https://www.discogs.com/Face-To-Face-Vinyl-Slip-Cover-Set/release/9543114

27th Jan 2016 – Face To Face Boxset

7th Jan 2017 – Nu, Pogodi! split 7”

I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep this updated or not this year, but for now I will add the latest arrival.

Pumpkin Records had a sale, most 7” singles were 50% off, so I grabbed this one for a couple of quid and also a Moral Dilemma CD for a quid.

This is a six track 7” split from Nu, Pogodi! and Choose Your Poison which came out in 2013 via Pumpkin Records and Active Rebellion.  Purple vinyl with a slight swirl effect going on as well.

chooseyourpoisonnupogodi-split7The Discogs page for this one is here: https://www.discogs.com/NuPogodi-Choose-Your-Poison-Fuck-My-Womb-Im-Calling-In-Dead/release/6317077

7th Jan 2017 – Nu, Pogodi! split 7”

11th November 2016 – Specialist Subject Order

I pre-ordered the second Shit Present 12” back when it was announced and to be perfectly honest, I had totally forgotten about it, so when it arrived it was quite a pleasant surprise.

An indie punk band featuring Iona from Great Cynics, I loved their debut EP.  This one is limited to 500 copies, 250 on clear vinyl and 250 on clear vinyl with a screen printed b-side.  It looks really good, great job by the label (Specialist Subject) on this one.

shitpresent-miserydisaster-12shitpresent-miserydisaster-12-03shitpresent-miserydisaster-12-02Info here: https://www.discogs.com/Shit-Present-Misery-Disaster/release/9366420

Shit Present: https://www.facebook.com/shitpresent/?fref=ts

I also took advantage of the sale at the time and ordered a Bangers LP for just £4. This compilation came out in 2013 and is called “Dude Trips”.  Great collection from of hardcore meets punk.  Limited to 500, 100 were on blue, 400 on black, I have a black copy.  Sadly Bangers are no more.

bangers-dudetripsInfo: https://www.discogs.com/Bangers-Dude-Trips-Collected-Recordings-08-09/release/5276284

11th November 2016 – Specialist Subject Order

9th November 2016 – 20 Years Wait…

The first album by The Juliana Hatfield Three came out in the UK on August 2nd 1993.  I know this for a fact as this was my birthday and I bought it on the day.  But they only out one album out with the line up before another Juliana Hatfield solo LP happened.  In 2015 a second album was released though, called “Whatever, My Love”.  Released in America via a label called “American Laundromat” it was really limited.  375 copies of purple marble vinyl, 125 on clear.  I looked into it but with shipping it would mean paying nearly £40 for a record, which I just can’t quite justify.  So when a second pressing on black vinyl was announced this year I managed to get one on order, though the release date kept getting pushed back and back, eventually I got a copy.  Limited to 500.  Pleased to add this to my collection, huge Juliana Hatfield fan.

julianahatfieldthree-whatevermylove-lpInfo on the pressing here: https://www.discogs.com/The-Juliana-Hatfield-Three-Whatever-My-Love/release/8914674

Juliana Hatfield’s website: http://www.julianahatfield.com/

And here’s both albums on vinyl, next to each other.


9th November 2016 – 20 Years Wait…

19th October 2016 – Hey Ho, Let’s Go!

Now I know it’s not really great that Sainsburys are stocking records, they used to have 20 very generic titles on a Crossley stand (Crossley suck!) and I have always avoided them. But I was in there for the ½ price toy sale and turns out they’ve added another approx. 30 titles to their range and I couldn’t actually resist picking one up.

ramones-st-02I have always been a huge Ramones fan (probably first heard them in ’88, yes I know this is much later than most people, but I was around 12 when I discovered them thanks to my German exchange partner) and I have most of their stuff on CD. A couple of LP’s too but to grab this one would cost a lot more normally, and I am not overly fussed on owning original pressings, rather have the songs than not.  So I did pick up the self titled LP.

ramones-selftitled-lpIt seems to be a 2011 pressing perhaps on Rhino. Info here: https://www.discogs.com/Ramones-Ramones/release/3303546

19th October 2016 – Hey Ho, Let’s Go!