9th November 2016 – 20 Years Wait…

The first album by The Juliana Hatfield Three came out in the UK on August 2nd 1993.  I know this for a fact as this was my birthday and I bought it on the day.  But they only out one album out with the line up before another Juliana Hatfield solo LP happened.  In 2015 a second album was released though, called “Whatever, My Love”.  Released in America via a label called “American Laundromat” it was really limited.  375 copies of purple marble vinyl, 125 on clear.  I looked into it but with shipping it would mean paying nearly £40 for a record, which I just can’t quite justify.  So when a second pressing on black vinyl was announced this year I managed to get one on order, though the release date kept getting pushed back and back, eventually I got a copy.  Limited to 500.  Pleased to add this to my collection, huge Juliana Hatfield fan.

julianahatfieldthree-whatevermylove-lpInfo on the pressing here: https://www.discogs.com/The-Juliana-Hatfield-Three-Whatever-My-Love/release/8914674

Juliana Hatfield’s website: http://www.julianahatfield.com/

And here’s both albums on vinyl, next to each other.


9th November 2016 – 20 Years Wait…

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