11th November 2016 – Specialist Subject Order

I pre-ordered the second Shit Present 12” back when it was announced and to be perfectly honest, I had totally forgotten about it, so when it arrived it was quite a pleasant surprise.

An indie punk band featuring Iona from Great Cynics, I loved their debut EP.  This one is limited to 500 copies, 250 on clear vinyl and 250 on clear vinyl with a screen printed b-side.  It looks really good, great job by the label (Specialist Subject) on this one.

shitpresent-miserydisaster-12shitpresent-miserydisaster-12-03shitpresent-miserydisaster-12-02Info here: https://www.discogs.com/Shit-Present-Misery-Disaster/release/9366420

Shit Present: https://www.facebook.com/shitpresent/?fref=ts

I also took advantage of the sale at the time and ordered a Bangers LP for just £4. This compilation came out in 2013 and is called “Dude Trips”.  Great collection from of hardcore meets punk.  Limited to 500, 100 were on blue, 400 on black, I have a black copy.  Sadly Bangers are no more.

bangers-dudetripsInfo: https://www.discogs.com/Bangers-Dude-Trips-Collected-Recordings-08-09/release/5276284

11th November 2016 – Specialist Subject Order

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