19th October 2016 – Hey Ho, Let’s Go!

Now I know it’s not really great that Sainsburys are stocking records, they used to have 20 very generic titles on a Crossley stand (Crossley suck!) and I have always avoided them. But I was in there for the ½ price toy sale and turns out they’ve added another approx. 30 titles to their range and I couldn’t actually resist picking one up.

ramones-st-02I have always been a huge Ramones fan (probably first heard them in ’88, yes I know this is much later than most people, but I was around 12 when I discovered them thanks to my German exchange partner) and I have most of their stuff on CD. A couple of LP’s too but to grab this one would cost a lot more normally, and I am not overly fussed on owning original pressings, rather have the songs than not.  So I did pick up the self titled LP.

ramones-selftitled-lpIt seems to be a 2011 pressing perhaps on Rhino. Info here: https://www.discogs.com/Ramones-Ramones/release/3303546

19th October 2016 – Hey Ho, Let’s Go!

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