17th October 2016 – Postal deliveries…

A pretty decent post day for me today.

photo1029First up was an eBay purchase.  I’ve always loved The Mr. T Experience and with the news that they have a new LP out called “King Dork Approximately” it led to me revisiting once again some of their back catalogue.  I only have one LP of theirs on vinyl, which is “Alcatraz”, I actually have most of their stuff on CD and a bundle of 7” singles too.  So when I spotted a copy of “Everybody’s Entitled To Their Own Opinion” up for buy it now, it was a little more than maybe I should have spent, but I wanted the album (yes, I have it on CD) so just decided to treat myself to it.  This is the 1990 repress on Lookout! Records rather than the 1986 original on Disorder Records, but I am so happy to have found this one and add to the collection.  I guess now I’ll be keeping an eye out for the other LP’s I’m missing on vinyl.  I’d really like copies of “Love Is Dead” and “Revenge Is Sweet, And So Are You” – one day.  For now, picking this up has made me very happy.

mrtexperience-everybodysentitled-lpphoto1030Info: https://www.discogs.com/Mr-T-Experience-Everybodys-Entitled-To-Their-Own-Opinion/release/1179065

Also today, a 12” turned up by the rather excellent Warm Needles.  Gruffy punk rock and their album “Inconsolable” is simply amazing.  This new 12” comes on a few variants and in conjunction with three labels.  So, I obviously picked up the UK released on Different Kitchen Records. This is the UK exclusive version, limited to just 50 on “clear ice blue” vinyl.

warmneedles-donttellmehowtolivbe-12The release isn’t on Discogs yet, but the band are online here: https://www.facebook.com/warmneedles/

17th October 2016 – Postal deliveries…

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