12th October 2016 – Mark Keds…

I had actually forgotten I’d put in an order for this back in maybe July time, when the label, Speedowax Records announced a special price of 99p.  Now it’s very rare to get a 7” single, brand new release for a price like this, so I thought what the hell. Mark Keds is the frontman of Deadcuts.  Now I have their LP and if I am honest I am not entirely sold on it yet, it needs some more play time for sure. But, Mark previously fronted one of my favourite bands, Senseless Things. I can’t tell you how many times I saw them back in the day, maybe 15 or so perhaps, not sure.  But still love the band and play them a hell of a lot.  It’s actually kinda cool that a new set of fans seem to be discovering them thanks to Beach Slang covering “Too Much Kissing”.  Though I personally don’t quite see the Beach Slang love right now, it may change in the future.  He also played in Jolt and The Wildhearts too.

markkedsThis new 7” single comes on red vinyl and I’ll be spinning it very soon. There’s nor even a discogs page set up for it yet.  What is nice is that the inner sleeve has a sticker on from the label, writing to me and telling me this is a limited edition release and this is number 10 of 60!  Nice and personal touch.

keds2But what Speedowax do seem to do is send a free record quite often, which is very cool of them.  I was kindly sent the split 7” between The Hip Priests and Mannequin.  On yellow vinyl with orange and blue splatter, it looks great that’s for sure. Another one on the to play pile.

hippriests-mannequin-split7-01hippriests-mannequin-split7-02Discogs info on this one is here: https://www.discogs.com/The-Hip-Priests-Mannequin-The-Hip-Priests-Mannequin-13/release/8305868

12th October 2016 – Mark Keds…

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