8th October 2016 – Southampton

We took a shopping trip to Southampton and the intention was to pick up a copy of the debut Rage Against The Machine LP in HMV as they have it on sale for £7.99 currently.  Sadly they didn’t have it in store, so that was a real let down for me.  I did check out the LP/12” section in the Oxfam music store as last time I was there I scored two Thousand Yard Stare records for the sum of 82p.  I flicked through the racks and sadly there was nothing for me today.

But, just as I was leaving I flicked a glance over to the 7” section, which is something I tend to not bother with quite so much these days. There at the front was an interesting looking record, so I had to go over.  Called “Art Of The Underground”. I don’t know why, but I decided to just go and have a look at it and imagine my surprise to see it said The Arteries.  Now, surely this can’t be the Welsh punk band I have a few records by and have played shows with can it?  A quick search on Discogs told me that it sure was.  A US release on Art Of The Underground Records in the US.  Turns out this label put out a release a month on 7” and then a boxset at the end of the year too.  This one is fropm 2009.  Well, this record had a price reduction, £1.99 down to 99p!  Hand numbered, limited edition of 350 copies.  This is number 139.

thearteries-artof7-01 thearteries-artof7-02 thearteries-artof7-03Of course it was leaving with me at the price. Really pleased with this find, nice addition even though I am trying to get less 7” singles these days, due to space.

Disocgs info: https://www.discogs.com/Arteries-Art-Of-The-Underground-Single-Series-Volume-45/release/2078211

8th October 2016 – Southampton

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