16th September 2016 – First Discogs order

Got my first Discogs order through and it’s a bit hit and miss to be honest. Maybe a little case of the descriptions not being quite as expected.

First up was the main reason I placed an order, I wanted to pick up the Annalise picture disc.  A great punk rock band from Exeter, this came out in 2002 and I have the CD but an upgrade was required.  Really rate this album, great to have it on vinyl.

annalise-versuseverything-1annalise-versuseverything-2Discogs info: https://www.discogs.com/Annalise-Versus-Everything/release/2359336

I then grabbed the split 12” from Slow Science and The Dauntless Elite.  A white vinyl, four track release from 2014 on Bombed Out Records.  I’ve known the guitarist Jon for many years now and always enjoyed his previous work in bands like Heroic Doses, so was well worth adding this to the collection.

slowsciencedauntlesselite-splitInfo: https://www.discogs.com/Slow-Science-Dauntless-Elite-Slow-Science-The-Dauntless-Elite/release/6278972

Also picked up a 12” from Welsh punks Four Letter Word from 2001.  Listed as acid yellow, this vinyl is a great addition to the collection.  A band I always enjoyed and are very under rated.

fourletterword-thebandthattimeforgotInfo here: https://www.discogs.com/Four-Letter-Word-The-Band-That-Time-Forgot/release/3699540

And my final grab because it was just £2 was an LP by Pop Will Eat Itself.  This is a compilation from 1993 and does feature so many seriously cracking, classic songs on it.  I was a little gutted that the front cover has a slight rip on it, which sadly wasn’t mentioned on the item description.  Pleased to be able to spin this one though, some good memories with these songs that’s for sure.

popwilleatitself-16differentflavoursInfo: https://www.discogs.com/Pop-Will-Eat-Itself-16-Different-Flavours-Of-Hell/release/1873913

Also in the order was a Panthro UK LP for a mate of mine, meant we could split the postage between us, worked out nicely.

So my first experience with Disocgs ordering is a tad hit and miss. The covers of three of the five records were not quite as described and sadly the seller isn’t responding to me about them.  Ah well, it was worth a try and with postage that lot did only cost £20.  Taking a fiver off for the Panthro UK one.

16th September 2016 – First Discogs order

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