8th September 2016 – Maid Of Ace

Now I’ve seen Maid Of Ace a few times and each time I do, they seem to impress me more and more.  Yes, they’re basically The Distillers, but from Hastings.  But after seeing them at Rebellion this year I finally decided I should pick the LP up.  It was £12 at Rebellion but I already had my eyes on picking up the Face To Face one later that day.  So imagine my joy when they announced their debut album was available in a mis-pressed colour.  In baby pink instead of the hot pink it was released on.  No sleeve (just plain black) but the same tracks and instead of £12.99 for the hot pink on their site, this was just a fiver.  Nice, I’ll take one of those thanks.  12 tracks (includes one live from Wonkfest, which I was at) and well worth checking out.

maidoface-selftitledMaid Of Ace: https://www.facebook.com/maidofaceband/ and http://www.maid-of-ace.com/

8th September 2016 – Maid Of Ace

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