16th Aug 2016 – Trying to catch up…

I’ve been so busy recently, I’ve lost track of when some of these records actually arrived with me. So ignore the dates for a while, playing a bit of catch up here.

With the recent new Jesus Jones EP, I got sent two free 7” singles, both splits on the Speedowax label.  First up is a Deadcuts and Ann Beretta 7”.  On purple splatter, looks great.  Hope it sounds good. Deadcuts feature Mark Keds of Senseless Things and Jolt fame, they play a dark alternative rock sound, I have the LP already.  I know nothing of Ann Beretta.

deadcuts+annb-01deadcuts+annb-02deadcuts+annb-03Info: https://www.discogs.com/Ann-Beretta-Dead-Cuts-Ann-Beretta-Dead-Cuts/master/857648

Also with it was a split between Vices and Flex.  A white vinyl 7”, which I know nothing about either.  Discogs lists it as punk, hardcore.  So could be an interesting listen.

flex-vices01flex-vices02Info: https://www.discogs.com/Flex-47-Vices-Flex-Vices/release/4863215

Also from my partners small collection cam this 7” from Adventure Adventure.  It’s a brown vinyl 7” and I can’t even find it on discogs.  I reckon it’ll be folky stuff knowing her.




More catching up soon…

16th Aug 2016 – Trying to catch up…

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