25th June 2016 – Ipswich Trip

Went up to Ipswich to visit the inlaws and had to nip out to pick up some guitar strings, so it seemed a shame not to have a quick rummage in Out Of Time Records.  Sadly not a great deal for me this time round and I actually thought I was going to leave empty handed which was a shame.  But then struck lucky in one final box picking up two 12” singles.

vinyl250616First up was one I’ve had my eye on for a little while and was hoping to find. A 12” by Snuff for the “Vs. Urban Dub – Phase 9” release back in 2001.  I already have this on a double 7” pack, so to get this one for £2.50 really did make my day.  Tracks like “Nick Northern” on here, so good!

snuff-urbandubmixes12snuff-asnuff-bDiscogs info here: https://www.discogs.com/Snuff-3-Vs-Urban-Dub-Phase-9-Versions/release/4601043

The other record I picked up was a whopping £1.50 and takes me right back to my school days. Airhead were a fun band, one album “Boing!” in 1991 (which is a classic) which spurned some great singles liked “Funny How” and “Counting Sheep”.  I have the 7” for “Right Now” but found the 12”, which comes as a limited edition (numbered) which is a gatefold and houses a fanzine built into the sleeve. In great condition for being 24 years old as well, and I had to have it!

airhead-rightnow-12airhead-zineInfo on this one here: https://www.discogs.com/Airhead-Right-Now/release/1623448

So 2 new records for the princely sum of £4, good times.

25th June 2016 – Ipswich Trip

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