5th June 2016 – Booty, Worry Bomb!

Headed to the car boot sale near Wellington Country Park (Reading, M4 Junction 11). After the usual copies of classical music and James Last LP’s I came across a music stall, mostly vinyl, lots for a quid.  I found loads of The Jam LP’s but all the covers were damaged so I wasn’t willing to pay a quid for them, I did debate a CUD 12” but decided against is.

The only one I did mange to pick up for £3 was the Carter USM album “Worry Bomb”.  I picked this up the day it came out on CD and was really pleased to see that the LP also came with the live album that accompanied the CD.  This came out in 1994 and is still a great record, so really glad to pick this one up, I guess in 94 I’d stopped buying LP’s in favour of CD’s though was still picking up the 7” singles at the time.  The live album is called “Doma Sportova…Live In Zagreb, 20/5/94” and has some great tracks on it, as does the “Worry Bomb” LP.

carterusm-worrybombInfo on the release is here: https://www.discogs.com/Carter-The-Unstoppable-Sex-Machine-Worry-Bomb-Doma-SportovaLive-In-Zagreb-20594/release/2519566

carter-2carter-3This also fits nicely in Carter USM LP collection alongside “101 Damnations”, “30 Something”, “1992 The Love Album” and “Straw Donkey…The Singles” (which I remember getting around 1999 for 10p in a nasty little tourist shop in Great Yarmouth (I also got a Therapy? record for 10p at the same time, which was red vinyl!). The question now is what Carter records were on vinyl that I don’t already own….need to do some research I think…

5th June 2016 – Booty, Worry Bomb!

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