30th May 2016 – Another Different Kitchen Delivery…

When the chance of a bargain comes along it really is hard to resist. So when my favourite distro Different Kitchen Records had a sale on it seemed a shame not to get involved.

First up was a record I’d been wanting for a while. “30 Years Live” by Bad Religion.  Now with a vinyl release this year, limited to 1000 copies on clear vinyl.

One of the greatest punk rock bands, now this is mine, very pleased.

badreligion-30yearsliveInfo: https://www.discogs.com/Bad-Religion-30-Years-Live/release/8274632

And whilst there, with the sale on I grabbed a copy of the Leatherface album “The Stormy Petrel”.  I met Frankie Stubbs some twenty plus years ago, such a great band.  I’m not sure what pressing this in, it’s a grey/green swirl with colours, looks amazing.  On No Idea Records.

Photo8197Info: https://www.discogs.com/Leatherface-The-Stormy-Petrel/release/7731049

I also plumped for an album by The No Marks called “Light Of One”.  Released in 2014 on Brassneck Records, this is on clear vinyl with blue & red splatter, limited to 319 copies.

thenomarks-lightofone-LPInfo: https://www.discogs.com/No-Marks-Light-Of-One/release/6109983

A rather excellent haul for sure!

30th May 2016 – Another Different Kitchen Delivery…

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