20th May 2016 – Christmas Time…

I never bothered picking the Bad Religion Christmas LP up when it came out, guess it just wasn’t very high on my priority at the time.  Anyways, the chance to swap it for a ticket to see Wonk Unit play in Reading came up, so for the sake of £6.60, it had to be done.

Upon listening it’s actually not all that bad. Yes, it’s annoying Christmas tunes, but they still sound like classic Bad Religion, which is cool.  Closing out with a version of “American Jesus”, this is a one sided LP, the other side is etched (I should take some pictures of that really).  It does feel like this is a bit of a swizz, an unneeded release from a great band, to maybe cash in a bit and sell some vinyl.  Still, glad it’s now in the collection, sure come December this one will be played on many occasions.

badreligion-christmassongsInfo: https://www.discogs.com/Bad-Religion-Christmas-Songs/master/618472

20th May 2016 – Christmas Time…

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