14th April 2016 – Jesus Jones!!!

So for those who many not be in the know, Jesus Jones have pretty been my favourite band since around 1990 time. Absolutely love them, seen them loads and spent many years being a real hardcore collector of their stuff.  Not just vinyl, but CDs, cassettes, promotional releases, imports, rare items and more.  So when they announced a new double 7” was coming out in June I was ecstatic to be honest.

Finding out it was coming out on Speedowax Records, I saw them post up saying the test presses had arrived! A cheeky post just saying if one was going spare, I’d find a good home for it.  Next thing you know I’ve got a message saying one is spare and it can be mine.  Now the price is more than I would normally like to spend out on a record (well two in this case) as it’s three tracks across two records, sadly one side is blank.  But, being a collector it really did have to come into my collection, irrelevant of the price to be honest.

I found out that there was supposed to be 10 test pressings but the factory actually only sent the label 8 of them, so to be able to own one is quite insane for me!

jesusjones-howsthisevengoingdown-testpress7Then when it arrived it had to be spun and it’s great as I hoped. So happy to have this little item in the collection!  Now, I can’t wait for the actual release of the single, which of course I will be buying again!

jj3jj4jj5jj6Jesus Jones: http://jesusjones.com/

14th April 2016 – Jesus Jones!!!

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