5th April 2016 – More online grabs

When a distro posted up saying they were having a huge clear out, I took the chance to pick up a couple of items, even if they were on 7” single – a format I am trying to avoid a bit more recently.

vinyl050416First grab was a copy of “No Equalizer” by classic punk rock band, Down By Law.  Released on Suspect Device Records in 1997.  I actually picked up both copies available of this one thinking a mate might be interested in it too.

downbylaw-noequalizer7Info on this one here: https://www.discogs.com/Down-By-Law-No-Equalizer/release/1008971

I also grabbed a Wat Tyler split with J Church.  This was only a quid extra, so what the hell, I do like a big of Wat Tyler.  From 1994, again on Suspect Device Records.

wattyler+jchurch-split7wat+j-1wat+j-2Info here: https://www.discogs.com/J-Church-Wat-Tyler-Extra-Shite-Poos-Explosion/release/1293414

Not a bad grab and hardly anything spent on these.

5th April 2016 – More online grabs

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