12th March 2016 – Andover Record Fair

I’d spotted that there was a record fair going on in Andover and so we decided to have a little venture over there. The eldest daughter didn’t come along, but the other two did (including the 4 week old, might as well try and start them off early).  After around an hour rummaging the stalls and not really finding anything to tempt me to part with my cash I did eventually find two items worthy of splashing out on.

First up was a battle between myself and my 8 year old as she wanted this record as well. But, it was always going to be for me.  It was £8.  Which is maybe a bit more than I would have liked to spend but I picked up a nice condition copy of Europe’s “Wings Of Tomorrow”. Released on Hot Records in 1984, one of those albums I always thought I had on CD, but can’t see it in my collection and now I am very happy to have it on vinyl.  Includes the classic “Open Your Heart”.  Absolutely love Europe, proper rocking stuff and there’s so much more to them than “The Final Countdown”.

europe-wingsoftomorrow-LPInfo on this release is here: https://www.discogs.com/Europe-Wings-Of-Tomorrow/release/589899

The other pick up was just a £1 12” single and another one of my guilty pleasures. Kylie Minogue.  I picked up a copy of the classic “What Do I Have To Do” – a great tune from 1991.  Featuring an extended mix on one side and an instrumental on the other, happy with this for a quid.

kylie-whatdoihavetodo12Info here: https://www.discogs.com/Kylie-Minogue-What-Do-I-Have-To-Do/release/231254

So a day of guilty pleasures, maybe about 12 stalls there in all, lots of David Bowie on offer of course.  Like I said, not a great deal for me there, but was nice to be able to get along to the fair and pick up a couple of items.


12th March 2016 – Andover Record Fair

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