8th March 2016 – Face To Face!

I was so excited by this new album from one of my favourite bands, Face To Face.  They’re back on Fat Wreck after maybe 20 years and this album is a true return to form (after the disappointing “Three Chords And A Half Truth”).  Protection is a sublime album rammed with melodic punk rock anthems, huge riffs and impressive bass lines.

The options were order from Fat Wreck in the US and get the red/black split vinyl and pay insane shipping costs. Or grab from the EU store (Kings Road), options of clear or black vinyl and still pay a fair amount, but not quite as much.  Still came in just over £18 for this LP, which is pretty damn insane price wise.  But, it is Face To Face, so did become pretty essential for me.

Superb album!

facetoface-protectionFace To Face: https://www.facebook.com/facetoface/?fref=ts

Discogs info: https://www.discogs.com/Face-To-Face-Protection/release/8068627

8th March 2016 – Face To Face!

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