10th February 2016 – Different Kitchen 2nd Hand Sale…

With the offer of a 40% sale on all second hand records over at the Different Kitchen Records online store, it seemed like I had no choice but to pick a few things up to add to the collection and check out.  Nice haul of three LP’s.

vinyll100216First up was a copy of “Saltbox” by Red Aunts from 1996 on Epitaph. The packaging is insane, gatefold, cut for the insert to show through, really well thought out and designed.  I should probably take a few more pictures of this one to show just how glorious it really is.  I have their previous album “#1 Chicken” on CD and this is an all female punk rock assault. Really excited to check this one out.

redaunts-saltboxInfo on the album is here: http://www.discogs.com/Red-Aunts-Saltbox/release/1527011

Then we have an album by Roxy Epoxy And The Rebound.  Now I know Roxy Epoxy from her time fronting The Epoxies (who we supported in Torquay back in around 2006/2007).  Called “Bandaids On Bullet Holes” this album came out in 2009 and is another I am excited to listen too.

roxyepoxy-bandaidsonbulletholesInfo here: http://www.discogs.com/Roxy-Epoxy-And-The-Rebound-Bandaids-On-Bullet-Holes/release/2892496

And third one I picked up was the self titled debut by hardcore rock band La Armada.  Again one I only know a little of, so really interested to hear more. This is the second pressing limited to 100 in clear green on Encapsulated Records.

laarmada-selftitledInfo on this release is here: http://www.discogs.com/La-Armada-La-Armada/master/714299

Really pleased with this haul and a stupid price for the lot, so really good. Different Kitchen are one of my favourite stores, check them out here: http://differentkitchen.bigcartel.com/

10th February 2016 – Different Kitchen 2nd Hand Sale…

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