3rd January 2016 – Grandad’s Loft Haul

So I was loading some bits into my Grandad’s loft and he had two boxes of records up there doing nothing. A quick flick through them found it was mostly shite to be honest.  A lot of the stuff you see in all the charity shops but then there was a few items of note.  A couple of Beatles records that were actually my dad’s, so I returned them to him.  Grandad basically wanted them gone and said I could do whatever I wanted with them.  I am still looking through them (a load of scratched old 78’s in there) to see if there’s anything worth a spin.

But I did spot this one item… a copy of an Andy Williams album called “Reflections”. I could see it had been signed on the back and the signature did indeed match the one printed on the sleeve. I tried to read the message “To Margret something, I’m not really this sad.  Andy Williams”.  Then it hit me with what it said, it said to Margret Thatcher!  Yes I know it’s spelt Margaret, maybe Andy Williams doesn’t!  Thought I’d best check this with my Grandad and yep, apparently she gave him the record many years ago and he doesn’t want it back.  So that went straight onto eBay.  I personally am no fan of hers but understand that some people are.  Anyways, so to cut a long story short, I ended up getting £12.27 for it on eBay, even with the slightly unhinged edge of the sleeve.

If I find anything else of note in the two boxes, I’ll post it up!

3rd January 2016 – Grandad’s Loft Haul

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