29th December 2015 – Different Kitchen Again…

Another distro order placed with one of my favourite online stores, Different Kitchen. In this order I picked up the following:

The Darlington Sessions. A nine track acoustic album featuring three tracks each from the likes of Giles Bidder (Great Cynics), Kelly Kemp and Roo Pescod (Bangers).  Black vinyl and a nice showcase of UK artists.

various-darlingtonsessionsThen my main reason for ordering, even though it’s a 7” and I’m trying to be less active in the 7” market recently (in fact I am planning a huge cull at some point!). But this one needed to be added to the collection. Pears!  Amazing banc, “Go To Prison” was one of the best albums I heard in the last year and this is their debut release on Fat Wreck, so an essential addition.  It’s called “Letters To Memaw”.

pears-letterstomemaw-7Check Pears out here: https://www.facebook.com/PEARStheband

Info on this release is here: http://www.discogs.com/Pears-Letters-To-Memaw/release/7478012

And just for the hell of it I added this 7” from the sale page (it was only a quid!), Squirtgun doing “Jingle Bell Rock”.  Released in 1999 on red vinyl and limited to 1000 copies.

squirtgun-jinglebellrock-7Info here: http://www.discogs.com/Squirtgun-Jingle-Bell-Rock/release/1557209

Nice haul indeed!

29th December 2015 – Different Kitchen Again…

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