20th November 2015 – Last London trip for a while…

This is my last chance to head into Music & Video Exchange in Notting Hill for a while, previously I could head in weekly pretty much and they seemed to have a fair few new decent punk records in, in top notch condition too.  I did pick up a couple which I’m not allowed until Christmas however.

The first one being very exciting for me, an AC4 LP called “Burn The World”.  I had heard some of their stuff a few years ago and to be honest I didn’t realise this LP had come out in 2013.  Features Dennis of Refused fame and I can’t wait to listen to this one.  It did come with a CD as well and I was tempted to smuggle it out of the LP so I could listen before Christmas, but was informed that this defeats the object sadly.

ac4-burntheworldInfo here: http://www.discogs.com/AC4-Burn-The-World/master/537623

I also picked up a Teenage Bottlerocket LP called “Freak Out!”  Sad news that their drummer Brandon passed away recently.  Released on Fat Wreck and comes with a poster.  Great find this one.

teenagebottlerocket-freakoutTeenage Bottlerocket: https://www.facebook.com/teenagebottlerocketofficial

20th November 2015 – Last London trip for a while…

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