11th October 2015 – Car Booty

Just ran quickly to the closest car boot sale to home as we were already off to the cinema but I was able to pick up a few items.

The following all cost me £1 a go…

First up a copy of “The Best Of” Blondie. I do already have this, but this copy is better than mine and does come with the huge Debbie Harry poster. Worth adding for sure and I can then choose which one to part with and should make a profit on this one.

blondie-thebestoff-LP+posterThen a copy of “Rumours” by Fleetwood Mac. In top condition and one of those I picked up to see if my girlfriend’s parents would like it. If not, sure I can sell it on as only a quid to outlay.

fleetwoodmac-rumoursInfo here: http://www.discogs.com/Fleetwood-Mac-Rumours/release/5489166

Also I picked up a copy the “1962-1966” by The Beatles. Double LP, only a quid, again with the intention of selling it on as I’m not worried about having it.

thebeatles-62-66The last one I grabbed from this stall was called “Memorable Cup Finals”. It came out in 1981 and features some commentary and songs from a few selected FA Cup finals. It has the 1964 West Ham cup final win included, which is the main reason I plumped for this one to check it out. Interesting piece I thought.

various-memorablecupfinalsInfo here: http://www.discogs.com/Various-Memorable-Cup-Finals-The-Official-FA-Souvenir-Album-1981/release/3514991

I found another stall with some vinyl as well and I do regret not picking up a load of Queen LP’s for 50p each but time was running out. Mainly cause I may have been able to pass them on. But I did grab a copy of “Hot In The Shade” by KISS. Not needed I know but what the hell, it’s actually the first of the bunch I listened too and it’s decent enough.

kiss-hotintheshadeThen it happened! My (just turned) 8 year old daughter who has been talking about starting a record collection for a while persuaded me to let her spend 50p on a 12” single! Her choice was one that isn’t in my collection as I was never a fan. But, she picked up a copy of Guns N Roses “Paradise City”. She of course wanted it played and she loves it!

gunsnroses-paradisecity12Total Spend: £5.   Records Bought: 6 (7 if you included the double LP)

11th October 2015 – Car Booty

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