4th October 2015 – New (Old) Flight Case

The boot sale didn’t turn up any records this week for me. In the past week as well I have parted with 14 x Teenage Fan Club 7” singles, 4 x Garbage ones, a Carter USM one, A Ben Folds Five one and another that has slipped my memory. But the Swallowfield boot sale this week turned up an interesting item that I just had to have.

A flight box that has seen some action, nicely decked out, well used and covered in some real rock history stickers. The likes of shows with Weezer, Sick Of It All, The Bluetones, Madness, Stereophonics, InMe, Biffy Clyro and more… I think the fact that this has so much history is what really attracted my attention. Yes, it could just be a few stickers thrown on there to try and make it look more than it is. But it is decked out nicely inside as well and was very much worth the £3 that was offered to me.

Photo5543Photo5544Photo5545Photo5558Photo5550Photo5553Photo5552Photo5551Photo5548Photo5549Photo5546Photo5547Photo5556Photo5555Photo5554A really nice bit of rock memorabilia and bloody useful too!

4th October 2015 – New (Old) Flight Case

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