28th September 2015 – Distro Additions

I saw a sad post that Monkey Boy Records were closing down their distro side and were having a bit of a sale. I headed over to their site, birthday money ready to be spent if they had anything worthy and yep, forty notes later I had five LP’s on their way to me.

First up was the latest album by Refused. I haven’t heard this one yet and have seem some very contrasting reviews. But “The Shape Of Punk To Come” is such an incredible album and of course “New Noise” one of my favourite songs. So grabbed “Freedom” so have a spin and make my own mind up.  I’m sure there are some coloured vinyl copies of this one, but I ended up with plain black.

refused-freedomThe next one was one of my favourite hardcore bands Have Heart. This is a re-released edition of the bands debut 7” from 2004. Six tracks on white vinyl but this time on 12”. Had to be done.

haveheart-whatcountsInfo on this release can be found here: http://www.discogs.com/Have-Heart-What-Counts/release/5954602

I’ve always quite liked Small Brown Bike. Yes, they’re essentially an emo band, but for me they’re one of the few that shine through. I have most of their stuff on vinyl and a fair amount on CD so grabbed the 2014 re-release of this split from 2002 with The Casket Lottery. Originally this was on a 10”, but I am glad it’s now on the 12” as it sits nicely with my other Small Brown Bike records.

smallbrownbike-thecasketlottery-split12Discogs info is here: http://www.discogs.com/Small-Brown-Bike-And-Casket-Lottery-Small-Brown-Bike-And-The-Casket-Lottery/release/5822518

Then I noticed it was free delivery if I spent £25 so added a couple more to the basket. Next up was one more with my partner in mind. The latest Less Than Jake LP on Fat Wreck from 2013. I can take or leave them depending on the mood, not being a ska fan really I guess some of their stuff I can cope with, anyways this keeps her happy and she can have the MP3 downloads.

lessthanjake-seethelightInfo: http://www.discogs.com/Less-Than-Jake-See-The-Light/release/5097065

And the final addition was from Mustard Plug. Another punk and ska infused album to check out. I am sure I saw them years ago with Lightyear. Anyways, we’ll give it a spin and see if it’s any good.

mustardplug-cantcontainitInfo here for this one: http://www.discogs.com/Mustard-Plug-Cant-Contain-It/master/646031

So yeah, not a bad haul in the sale there.

28th September 2015 – Distro Additions

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