27th September 2015 – Swallowfield Booty Take 2

I was persuaded to head over to Swallowfield (near Reading) to check the car boot out and spent ages going round and checking things out before finally finding a check just selling music. Everything was priced but he told me very quickly he was willing to negotiate.

That’s what I like to hear after recent boot sales not turning up a great deal there was some stunning records here. Loads of cool looking soundtracks I’d have liked to have owned if they were £1/£2. Sadly the prices were nowhere near that and I was confident he wouldn’t be budging from where they were pitched.

So I flicked through the various boxes and the first find I grabbed and managed to haggle down to £3 was a copy of Morrison Hotel by The Doors. One of the few I don’t already own on either vinyl or CD, so this was a definite for me.

thedoors-morrisonhotelThen I spotted a green vinyl, oversized 7”, square shaped of my favourite song by the Gin Blossoms, “Hey Jealousy”. He had a fiver on it, we agreed on £2. Very happy to have this one coming home with me. This was a cracking little find in my eyes.

ginblossoms-heyjealousy-7GINInfo on this release can be found here: http://www.discogs.com/Gin-Blossoms-Hey-Jealousy/release/2367027

There was still loads to go through and some seriously nice records. But I opted to get just one more which we haggled down from £8 to £5, so a tenner the lot, seemed fair. And it was something I’ve been keen to add for ages and ages now. I used to have a taped copy of this album and never actually got round to owning a copy. Until now! “United Colours Of Blaggers ITA” by of course Blaggers ITA. Very happy with those three I picked up this morning, quality rather than quantity this weekend.

blaggersita-unitedcoloursof-LPInfo on this one can be found here: http://www.discogs.com/Blaggers-ITA-United-Colors-Of-Blaggers-ITA/release/1319590

Total Records: 3   Total Spend: £10

27th September 2015 – Swallowfield Booty Take 2

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