6th September 2015 – Thatcham Booty Haul

The weather was nice and we had a later start than normal at the car boot sale. I did see a few people as always walking around with some vinyl tucked under their arms. Of course the usual was on offer with James Last albums, random opera and classic ones and two copies of No Parlez found. But I did actually come away with a few, nothing overly exciting, more the price was nice and the condition was great and I should be able to move them on no worries.

vinyl060915One seller had LP’s at 50p a pop so I actually grabbed four from this stall. Sadly nothing that was going to really find a home in my collection, but due to how good the condition of these is I opted to grab them to either sell on or pass onto my girlfriend’s father.

I picked up a Paul Simon album from 1975 called “Still Crazy After All these Years” which still had the original advert for his back catalogue inside.

paulsimon-stillcrazyafteralltheseyears-lpSo it seemed only right I also picked up an album from his partner, Art Garfunkel. Called “Breakaway”, this one is the worst of the bunch, just because the spine on the top is slightly worn but again it had original inserts.

artgarfunkel-breakaway-lpNext up was a classic from Phil Collins called “…But Seriously” – the condition of this record being as good as new! 50p, lovely job!

philcollins-butseriously-lpAnd the final one from this stall was an album by John Denver called “Spirit”. Again I know nothing about it, but cracking condition and 50p I was happy to splash out.

johndenver-spirit-lpJust before the stalls closed there was time for one more find, something that’s kind of been on the back burner for a while to pick up. A copy of The Simpsons “Sing The Blues”. My sister had this when we were kids and now my youngest seems to like The Simpsons especially “Do the Bartman”, this was well worth adding for the asking price of a quid.

thesimpsons-singthebluesTotal Records: 5   Total Spend: £3.00

No Parlez Score: 2

6th September 2015 – Thatcham Booty Haul

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