26th August 2015 – Out Of Time Records, Ipswich

A trip to Ipswich for a maternity appointment to hear the new arrivals heartbeat for the first time also meant a quick chance to run into one of my favourite record stores, Out Of Time. A few weeks ago they posted on their Facebook page that they had a copy of the latest Pennywise album in “Yesterdays” one that I very much have wanted but the price tag of £17.99 had been putting me off, and knowing that they had one for £12.99 I was very hopeful it would still be there. But, then I was also resigned to the fact that it was probably long gone. Getting in there and spotting it still on display on the wall really was a nice surprise and of course it was going to be coming home with me. The album itself seems a bit of a strange one, like some tracks and then what sounds like some old demos from when they started out. Looking it up it turns out this houses some old demos from 89 and 93. So the first bits sound like classic Pennywise the rest if honest, I could leave.

pennywise-yesterdays-LPWhilst in Out Of Time, I also rifled through their punk/indie section but nothing that I couldn’t be without. Then it was time to thumb my way through their £1 boxes. The only one I decided to go for was by The J. Geils Band, their album called “Freeze Frame” which to be honest I wanted just for their classic hit “Centerfold”. I certainly don’t know any other material by them so this is a chance to check it out and see if they have any other great tunes. The bonus being that at the till he offered me the record for free, very kind offer for sure and made the trip even more worthwhile.thejgeilsband-freezeframe

26th August 2015 – Out Of Time Records, Ipswich

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