22nd August 2015 – Postal Surprise

A friend sent me bundle of records as he was having a clear out. I have to be honest and admit that I did spin them all and pretty much all of them were not worthy of being in the collection. One was some kind of 70’s kangaroo song from Italy called “Woobinda” – that really was something else. One of those that you really need to hear for pure comedy value but you don’t ever want to hear it again. Yeah this one needs a new home soon. What else was there? Some metal stuff a 10” by some lot called, horrible. A couple of weird almost dance/electro 7” singles from Tropa Macaca and Telefunken called “Breakdown Test” which is one of the weirdest things I’ve heard. And then some dirty metal extreme noise 7” on Northern Sound Records from Finland, which I honestly cannot read the logo on the front (typical of metal bands it seems) but using the wonders of the internet it would appear to be some band called AN and it’s still horrible metal shite!

vinylfromrob-02The only real one of note was a compilation called “Inclined Plane” from 1993 on a label called Simple Machines based out of Virgina, USA. Notable for the inclusion of Superchunk. Along with three other bands who I had not heard of Tsunami, Rodan and Unrest. It even still has the original mail order insert from the label which is interesting and tells me that this is the sixth part of a series, the final part and is limited to 4000 being pressed. On having a little listen I managed to gaze at my shoes for a bit. But a nice item and especially being sent unexpectedly.

various-inclinedplane-7Label link here: http://www.simplemachines.net/ – Sadly they called time in 1998 it seems.

22nd August 2015 – Postal Surprise

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