18th August 2015 – Speedowax in Bulk

So one of my regular distro sites had a huge sale of all Speedowax 7” singles for 99p, so I picked up a huge load of them, 15 in all – some for me and some for the new label distro where of course any profit we can make gets ploughed back into the label to help with new releases.

I picked up the following:

Get A Grip / Spirits – split 7” (white vinyl with orange/blue splatter)

Deadcuts / Ann Beretta – split 7” (purple vinyl with orange/blue splatter)

Chestnut Road / Panic Attack – split 7” (blue vinyl)

Chestnut Road – New Alaska – split 7” (red vinyl)

Deadcuts / Casanovas In Heat – split 7” (brown vinyl)

Deadcuts / The No Marks – split 7” (grey/red split vinyl)

A Page Of Punk / Werewolves On Motorcycles – split 7” (brown vinyl)

Douglas / Deathbed – split 7” (orange vinyl)

Incited – Victim Of reality 7” (red, white, blue split vinyl)

Gameface / Old Flings – split 7” (blue splatter). I already own this one, so this is for the distro.

Truth – Where I stand 7” (coke bottle vinyl)

Pointblank – Life Crisis (yellow vinyl)

Young Turks – Half Hearted (green/yellow split vinyl)

No Peace / Young Turks – split 7” (green vinyl)

Old Flings / Group Control – split 7” (red/yellow split vinyl)

So yeah loads and loads – I do have individual photos of every single one of them, but it would make much more sense to just have one photo of the covers, sadly you can’t see all the pretty array of colours on offer though, but space and all that…

speedoYou can check the Speedowax back catalogue on Discogs (but it isn’t very well updated and is a missing a few of these releases…maybe I need to get registered and get involved…)


18th August 2015 – Speedowax in Bulk

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