13th August 2015 – Done Lying Down

I loved Done Lying Down back in the 90’s when they were a functioning band. They did a reunion show last year and was gutted I couldn’t make it. Anyways when doing a little eBay search for punk stuff this was actually at the top of the search and was only up for 50p. A 7” single on clear vinyl that for some reason I never owned. But, I am 99% sure I have a promo 7” single on black vinyl of this one, I’ll have to check when I file this one away. So I couldn’t resist adding it the collection for that stupidly cheap price. Nice one eBay.

donelyingdown-familyvalues-clear7Oh and I have since parted with that Prince record. Sold it for £10 postage paid, so £6.20 for the actual record. Now I know it doesn’t sound like much of a profit (£5.20) but that covers all the records I bought that day (£4 minus the quid for Prince) so they technically equate to free records! Woo hoo!

13th August 2015 – Done Lying Down

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