9th August 2015 – Another Thatcham Car Boot Run

A bright Sunday morning so we took a trip to the local car boot sale. Heard parking is getting silly there, so opted to park up in a back street and enter the booty from the far end instead of the usual entrance. Turns out they’d changed everything around and instead of the orange fencing with people charging you to get in there was just one entrance, and we’d avoided it! Not on purpose, but we saved ourselves £2 in the process. More to spend on records and other bits then…

Turns out there was not only a fair amount of vinyl to flick though (including one dealer who did have punk stuff but was asking £6 for an album I could have bought for a quid off another stall) but also I saw a lot of people both flicking through it and carrying their new purchases around with them. But I did manage to add a few items to the collection. As always, some good and some not so good.

One stall yielded me three LP’s. Two from Blondie, which were “Plastic Letters” and “AutoAmerican”. The first being worth about a quid and the second around £4 according to Discogs. So at a quid a pop, that’s a couple of decent find for the collection.

blondie-plasticletters-lpblondie-autoamerican-LPI also grabbed a copy of the first Madonna album for a quid as well. Her debut called “The First Album” in the UK is a classic really with tracks like “Lucky Star”, “Holiday” and “Borderline”. Worth a little more than a quid on Discogs it seems, but a nice addition.

madonna-thefirstalbum-lpThis seller also had other Blondie and Madonna albums, but I either had them already or the condition was not worth it for me. Happy with those three and that would have been a good haul.

Moving on though a chap was asking 10p for 7” singles. Now I hate flicking through these really because at that price I can really end up with some utter shite. As expected, I did, but I do the intention of potentially flogging one of them…

So, what did we get, well I picked up three Blondie 7” singles which were “Atomic”, “Sunday Girl” and “Dreaming”. Three from Bananarama as well which were “Venus”, “Cruel Summer” and “Shy Boy”. KLF’s “What Time Is Love?” and “A Little Time” by The Beautiful South. A copy of “Deep Deep Trouble” by The Simpsons for a bit of fun, mainly to see if the kids like it as much as “Do The Bartman”. A copy of “There, There, My Dear” by Dexys Midnight Runners from 1980 – the sleeve is a little battered, by for 10p I can live with that. The one I picked up with the possibility of selling on was “C’Mon Everybody” by Sex Pistiols from 1979. Never have been a Sex Pistols fan, but for 10p maybe I can get a quid for it? Or even fifty pence?

The final un-needed additional 7” was by Stu Francis. A shitty 80’s comedian who I remember seeing in Panto as a kid and having this record. No idea where it went but this song is comedy gold by how bad it is. Called “Ooh I Could Crush A Grape”.  Discogs tells me there were two releases of this. The one I had as a kid isn’t on the same label as the one I picked up today (Topaz Records) and sadly this copy didn’t have a picture sleeve. But I am stunned to see that Discogs have one for sale over just over €12! That’s mental, this song is bloody terrible and at 10p I was tempted to leave it there, but the comedy nostalgic factor told me to bring it home!

vinyl-090815Discogs info: http://www.discogs.com/Stu-Francis-Ooh-I-Could-Crush-A-Grape/release/6046921

Best thing was that I managed to get all those 12 7” singles for the massive price of a quid!

But there was still time for me to make one final purchase. Something I did buy with the intention of seeing how much it was worth and trying to sell it on… A double LP of Prince & The New Power Generation’s album “Diamonds And Pearls”. Released in 1991 on Paisley Park Records, this double LP seems to go on eBay for around £30 but £6 on Discogs. Put it out for a fiver, see if I can sell it and it’ll cover all the other purchases from this trip. Pretty happy with all of these.

princenpg-diamondsandpearlsTotal Records: 16 (17 with the double)   Total Spend: £5.00

9th August 2015 – Another Thatcham Car Boot Run

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