31st July 2015 – London, again!

So, I had a little bit of time to kill in London so decided to have another little rifle in the basement at Music & Video Exchange in Notting Hill. You know, just to see what I could find after the large prices of the punk stuff upstairs had been scoffed at!

The 12” & LP section proved fruitless and I ended up having a little look at the 7” singles, even though I really am trying not to buy many of them these days.

First find, was 7” single by Wynona Riders. Released in 1992 on Lookout! Records. One of those bands I’d never really delved into, but for 50p I picked it up. Turns out it’s that typical Lookout! Records sound and really quite decent! Definitely 50p well spent there!

wynonariders-someenchantedeveningInfo on this one can be found here: http://www.discogs.com/Wynona-Riders-Some-Enchanted-Evening/release/981430

I then made the fatal error of moving onto the two 10p boxes. This was a stupid move and did result in me getting some shite! By shite, I will admit one in particular is worse than shite! You’ll know which in a minute…

So for 10p each I grabbed the following 7” singles: Flowered Up – Take It. Phil Collins – You Can’t Hurry Love. Bananarama – Really Saying Something. Holly Johnson – Americanos (I had forgotten all about this song, sure it harks on about blue jeans and chinos. Will have to spin it soon for pure comedy value).   And the pure shite record – Stefan Dennis (Paul Robinson from Neighbours) with “Don’t It Make You Feel Good” – which is one of the worst records ever released in my opinion and needs to be played and marvelled at just how terrible it is. And the last one in this stash was a copy of “Requiem” by London Boys. But this record is for work for pure comedy value…(long story, maybe another time…).

vinyl310715I also grabbed three other’s with the intention of seeing if I can sell them on for a small fee, which I will be doing pretty soon I hope…again they were just 10p each, so will stick them out for a quid or maybe 50p really, just to help someone else out and cover this little batch. I picked up two by Birdland, a band I never really got into but have been able to sell them in the past without too many issues. And a copy of a superb tune “After The Watershed” by Carter USM. I do of course already own this one, but hopefully it’ll find a new home to make someone happy.

vinyl310715-2Not a bad haul today really…

Total Records: 10   Total Spend: £1.40

31st July 2015 – London, again!

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