22nd July 2015 – Wonky Times

Finally the genius of Wonk Unit is available on a vinyl LP. This has been long overdue that’s for sure. This LP is a compilation of their previous work and features some classic tracks like “Elbows”, “Horses”, “Guts”, “Go Easy”, “Donkey Of The Damned”, “Rambo” and loads more. You could say that this is a best of Wonk Unit. On the other hand you could say this is a great introduction to the band. So this is limited to 300 copies on its first pressing. Was not available for pre order and went live on the label site at 6pm (Drunken Sailor). First 100 were green vinyl, next 200 were in black. I managed to act swiftly and a green one was mine!

wonkunit-feelthewonknessCheck Wonk Unit out here:  https://www.facebook.com/wonkunitband?fref=ts


22nd July 2015 – Wonky Times

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