16th July 2015 – Trades Part 1

Headed into Swindon to catch set by those rogues 2 Sick Monkeys and traded a stack of vinyl singles with Pete from the band. So the new additions to the Almighty Beard Records Distro are as follows:

Haramarah – We Are All Broken. White vinyl, 7” that houses 10 tracks of Indonesian hardcore in style similar to that of Minor Threat. We did get asked if we wanted to get involved with the release of this one, but felt we needed to decline in the fact that there was already something like 7 UK labels putting this one out there, bit of market overkill I would have said. But it’s a cracking listen and glad to have copies in store.

haramarah-weareallbroken-7Next up was the split 7” from Epic Problem and Holiday. On clear vinyl, DIY release.

epicproblem+holiday-split7And finally was a new one on me, F Emasculata. Hardcore from Cornwall that is all X Files influenced. Even the name is an episode apparently.


16th July 2015 – Trades Part 1

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