13TH July 2015 – Early Birthday Arrivals

It’s around three weeks to my birthday and I was allowed to pick up a few records in advance. Although when they arrived I was only able to look at them to check them out before they were removed to wait birthday delivery.

One of my favourite distros had a 21% off sale so it made sense to pick up a few that had been on the list for a while now.

First up was Southport’s “Southern Soul”. A fine example of UK melodic punk rock featuring ex-members of Snuff and current members of 7 Day Conspiracy / The Spoilers. One that I really have been meaning to pick up for ages and in a few weeks it’ll be added to the collection.

southport-southernsoulI do like a bit of Small Brown Bike, one of the few real bands in that whole ‘emo’ bracket that I do enjoy. I have most of their stuff on CD and a lot of it on vinyl as well. “Dead Reckoning” and “Our Own Wars” are cracking albums. So, they just reissued 2003’s “The River Bed” and it’s a limited pressing of just 110 copies. Black vinyl, I was able to get one to add to the collection, which is very cool.

smallbrownbike-theriverbedReissue info on Discogs is here: http://www.discogs.com/Small-Brown-Bike-The-River-Bed/release/7064114

And the final release was the latest album from No///se called “Lower Berth” on red vinyl. I really liked their last one and am looking forward to checking this one out in a few weeks time.

nose-lowerberthNow I await my birthday when they can get spun!

13TH July 2015 – Early Birthday Arrivals

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