8th July 2015 – Strike Anywhere / Down By Law

When someone posted a few records for sale online I jumped quickly to secure these three. I have been after a copy of Strike Anywhere’s “Change Is A Sound” for a while now. The CD is very much overplayed over the last decade plus and this was the missing gap in the collection. Any press would have done me, but to pick up a first pressing from 2001 on Jade Tree, sky blue vinyl absolutely made my day. One of my favourite albums and of course the band who are responsible for the name of this very zine!

strikeanywhere-changeisasoundDiscogs info here: http://www.discogs.com/Strike-Anywhere-Change-Is-A-Sound/release/2682126

And dead Format is pretty good for pressing info, which is here: https://deadformat.net/release/change-is-a-sound/413

In the same sale I was able to pick up a couple of classic Down By Law LP’s for a fiver each. Again albums that I own on CD and have finally upgraded to the premier format. I guess in the 90’s I used to buy albums on CD and singles on 7” mostly, well that’ what it looks like from my collection. So it’s nice now that I have the space to be able to add some important records to the vinyl collection.

First up is their self titled debut from 1991 on Epitaph Records.

downbylaw-selftitledInfo: http://www.discogs.com/Down-By-Law-Down-By-Law/release/809007

And also I was able to grab a copy of their second album “Blue” – two great additions to my Down By Law collection. Again on Epitaph Records.

downbylaw-blueInfo: http://www.discogs.com/Down-By-Law-Blue/release/381008

Cracking haul!

8th July 2015 – Strike Anywhere / Down By Law

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