5th July 2015 – Notting Hill (again!)

Off to London and due to train issues I had a bit of extra time to kill, so what better way that to head to the wonderful Music & Video exchange in Notting Hill to have a rummage through the discount basement.

You have to love the fact that they’ve redecorated the wall down there with copies of No Parlez. Incidentally I had to give up counting them today, loads including in the 10p box! I did of course have to sneak a picture of this…

Photo4519So onwards with what I did pick up…

First up was a record that has been on my lost since 1991 and finally I have a copy. Back in 1991 I was a huge fan of short lived Liverpool indie band Top. Their album “Emotion Lotion” is superb and they were in fact the first band I went to see in November 1991 at Reading University. This is literally the only record that was missing from my Top collection. I have the other 12” for “No. 1 Domintor” and this just completed the collection. The front cover was a bit crumpled/ripped but seeing as how this is one of those bucket list records I didn’t even think twice about parting with a whole £1 for it! Very happy to have finally got this one!

top-no1dominator-12Info here: http://www.discogs.com/Top-Number-One-Dominator/release/1440607

Next up was another 12” from those days, this time another short lived indie band called Airhead, who again I loved back in the day. “Funny How” is still played so often on the turntable. But this is back when they were called Jefferson Airhead. This is a limited edition release where the cover folds out into a fanzine and poster. Very happy to have been able to add this one to the collection, again another £1 for this.

airhead-congratultions-12zineInfo here: http://www.discogs.com/Jefferson-Airhead-Congratulations/release/1666220

Then it was time to have a rifle through the cheap boxes, the 10p offers. You just never know what you’re going to find in there and today did indeed turn up a few little goodies along with a few piles of shite I couldn’t resist.

Let’s start with a 12” copy of “Something To Miss” by Senseless Things. The record itself is in great condition, the cover really isn’t. I really did debate not getting this because of the condition of the cover, but sod it for 10p I should have it really. Although I haven’t actually checked to see if I do already have it. I know I have the 7” and the CD single of this, so hoping this isn’t a double.

senselessthings-somethingtomiss-12Next up I found a copy of the soundtrack to The Graduate by Simon And Garfunkel. 10p! Yeah why not add this one as well for that stupid price. Some good tunes on here to be fair, so a nice addition to the soundtrack section.

thegraduate-ostThen I spotted “52nd Street” by Billy Joel for 10p. Sure, why not. I’ll get this and check it out, see if it’s any good. Another one on the pile of records I’m yet to hear.

billyjoel-52ndstreetThen came a naughty purchase, a bit of fun. Yes it was only 10p and I know full bloody well I should have left it there. But a 12” copy of “Respectable” by Mel & Kim. A classic slice of 80’s Stock, Aitken & Waterman pop. I have no shame!

melandkim-respectable-12And I picked up a copy of Peter Frampton’s “Frampton Comes Alive!”. Well I picked up one of the LP’s – this is a double LP and one was missing, but only 10p so what the hell.

peterframptonAnd the final buy of the day was a 7” single by Renegade Soundwave . A single from 1987 that Discogs prices at a few quid, not bad for a 10p find. Another to check out and see if it’s any good.

renegadesoundwave-kraytwins-7Info on this one here: http://www.discogs.com/Renegade-Soundwave-Kray-Twins/release/109552

So overall not a bad little haul today.

Total Records: 8   Total Spend: £2.60

5th July 2015 – Notting Hill (again!)

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