2nd July 2015 – Collection Acquired

When a mate posted he had loads of bits to get rid of and wrote the word “vinyl” I had to get involved and see what was on offer of course. There seemed to be a lot of pop punk and also some old school punk rock stuff. A discussion was had and a price agreed for me to take the lot of his hands for £20. My intention being to sell as many as I can and hopefully turn over a nice little profit. In theory this is a great idea. So let’s quickly discuss what was in the bundle…

Let’s start with the 12” records shall we? I have to admit to now knowing what any of this lot sound like, just heard the names…

First up we have With The Punches. A 12” called “Keep It Going”, released on Hang Tight Records and white vinyl, 365 pressed apparently.

withthepunches-keepitgoingThen we have another from With The Punches called “It’s Not The End Of The World”. Again on Hang Tight Records but I actually got two copies of this one. One is a clear vinyl with red splatter and looks great (apparently only 65 of these were pressed!). The other is still sealed, so no idea what pressing it is. Incidentally, before I finish this, I have already flogged one of these, so good start there.

withthepunches-itsnottheendoftheworldNext up is Carridale “Relapse In the River City” 12” again on Hang Tight Records. Black vinyl, 195 pressed apparently. Sadly some spine damage to the sleeve of this one.

carridale-relapseinThen onto Me Vs Hero with “Days That Shape Our Lives”. Again 12” on Hang Tight Records but this one is a pretty sweet green/blue splatter and only 100 pressed so I’m told.

mevshero-daysthatThe final 12” is something of an unknown quantity. Some soundtracks for a PS3 game. Atsushi Kitajoh, Shoji Meguro ‎– Persona 4 Arena whatever this is! Heavy slab of wax and yellow vinyl makes it look good, no idea what the hell it is though.

persona4arena-stThen we move onto the 7” singles. Up first we have the one I was interested in mostly. New Found Glory’s “Tip Of The Iceberg”. A Bridge Nine Records pressing on white vinyl with blue and red splatter effect. Checking on Discogs this seems to be limited to 2500 and is a first press as well! Seems to retail for over a fiver and was a US release, good score here.

newfoundglory-tipoftheiceberg-7Discogs info: http://www.discogs.com/New-Found-Glory-Tip-Of-The-Iceberg/release/4075839

This is the rest of what came in the bundle:

Challenges / Who’s Driving? Bear’s Driving! – Split 7” (Hang Tight Records) Blue with yellow splatter vinyl (200 pressed). One that has been reserved for sale already!

challengers+wdbd-split7Handguns / Forever Came Calling – Split 7” (Pure Noise! Records). Yellow/Green split vinyl. Six tracks (3 per band). Sadly the cover is a bit wrecked on this one, but it looks great.

handguns+forevercamecalling-split7Then a couple of Sex Pistols 7” singles.

Sex Pistols – “Submission” 7” where the cover says BA-105 yet the 7” inside seems to say VDJ24. I am informed this is a French cover with the vinyl being something that came free with The Great Rock And Roll Swindle. Anyways, I’ve already sold this one to a happy new home.

spistold-submission-7The other was this one:

Sex Pistols – “Silly Thing” 7”.

spistols-sillything-7Another couple that grabbed my attention was these two Discharge ones. People seem to love Discharge, I don’t personally know a whole lot about them, but I did check them out online and they seem to be worth bit more than I expected, which does help when trying to make my money back. They were:

Discharge – Fight Back 7” (Clay Records – CLAY3)

discharge-fightback-7Discharge – Realities Of War 7” (Clay Records – CLAY1)

discharge-realtiesofwar-7I’ve already parted with the Fight Back one, one down, one to go.

The last one was from some band called Le-Ritz – Punker. Released in 1977 on Breaker Records, the cover has seen much better days, but hopefully someone will be interested in taking this one off my hands too.

leritz-punkerSo there we go, a huge bundle for £20. An investment in which I hope to make my £20 back and keep the New Found Glory one in the collection. Seems possible, hopefully. Any of course and that don’t sell will be checked out and see if they’re any good for my collection. Fingers crossed now. In fact as I type this I have £18 back in so far for 5 of that bundle…

Total Records: 14   Total Spend: £20.00

2nd July 2015 – Collection Acquired

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