20th June 2015 – Ipswich

We were up in Ipswich to collect our new kittens and had some time to kill, so opted to head into the town there. I was with the kids so rummaging wasn’t the easiest but we did venture to the basement of the Oxfam where they have a book area and a few racks of vinyl, sadly some are a tad overpriced. I guess because Ipswich also has a dedicated Oxfam store for books and music, which I have learnt is not worth bothering with.

Anyways on this occasion I did actually decide to pick up two LP’s – just for fun and laughs really. The first being the soundtrack for the Disney movie, The Rescuers.   Released the same year s the original movie in 1977, this was just for a bit of fun really, there’s not many songs on here and some narrative. But, I do like the movie, so why not pick this up for a quid.

therescuersInfo here: http://www.discogs.com/Bob-Holt-The-Rescuers/release/1533978

The other LP I picked up was Tiffany. No really, it was a quid and I felt like getting it to have a listen to which will hopefully turn into a laugh as well. I am sure it’s not really worth a quid but what the hell, “I Think We’re Alone Now” is a classic 80’s pop tune after all.

tiffany-tiffany-LPInfo here: http://www.discogs.com/Tiffany-Tiffany/release/230468

20th June 2015 – Ipswich

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