13th June 2015 – Spitalfields

I was in London so I checked out the record fair day at Spitalfields market. After winding my way through the crowds and various clothes stalls I found the smallish area (maybe 8-10 stalls) for the record fair. Basically it’s a case of vinyl you’d find in other places for £1 being on average £3-£4 as traders try and cash in. I rummaged through and didn’t find much that was worth picking up at the prices that were being asked. I was stood next to a deal going down where a £275 price was agreed for one record. But I didn’t want to appear nosey and look over to see what was happening.

I didn’t leave empty handed though which was nice. I do hve a load of 10” coloured vinyl by 90’s indie band Thousand Yard Stare. They hailed from Slough and I saw them a fair few times back in the day. Sadly this time last week they did a reunion show (over 20 years since their last) and I wasn’t able to make it along. So when I spotted this 10” called “Bootleg E.P.” with four tracks on for a quid, I could not resist adding this one to the collection. Very happy with this item.

Info on it can be seen here: http://www.discogs.com/Thousand-Yard-Stare-Bootleg-EP/release/3557276

thousandyardstare-bootlegep-10Total Records: 1   Total Spend: £1.00

13th June 2015 – Spitalfields

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