7th June 2015 – Newbury Car Boot Sale

Took a Sunday morning rummage around the boot sale and to be honest there wasn’t a whole amount on offer. I get disillusioned flicking through the 7” singles and often the LPs and 12” singles too. There is only so much shite I can put myself through. But today I did manage to pick up three, which is more than usual for the local car boot sales.

First up was a 12” for the 1990 World Cup by New Order. “World In Motion” is pretty much the greatest football associated song of all time. Rapping by John Barnes, what could go wrong? OK, I refer to “The Anfield Rap”, maybe it could go a little pear shaped. But for the asking price of 50 pence, this was a welcome addition to the shelves.

neworder-worldinmotion-12On the same stall I also couldn’t resist a couple of decent condition 80’s classic 12” singles. Belinda Carlisle’s “Heaven Is A Place On Earth” and “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins. Again both at 50p a pop, not bad at all. Better haul today than most weeks in the end.

belindacarlisle-heaveninsaplaceonearth-12kennyloggins-dangerzone-12Total Records: 3 Total Spend: £1.50

7th June 2015 – Newbury Car Boot Sale

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