5th June 2015 – Notting Hill

Another quick visit to the basement of Music & Video Exchange in Notting Hill. A staple on my London trips every now and then to see what bargains I can uncover down there. Upstairs the records are much more expensive. I admit they are also much more desirable, but I do enjoy the thrill of what I can find in the masses of vinyl in the basement.

Today was a good day in fact as I picked up a load of dirt cheap records, admittedly some were not needed and are doubles, but for the price I felt that I could not leave them there! Let’s run them down in price order…

So first up was a copy of Hits 5. Released in November 1986, a double album with 32 tracks from the likes of classic pop hits to some punk stuff (The Stranglers). These albums are always just a bit of fun and I don’t like to pay much for them, but I kinda like to have them as I then get to have some classic songs on vinyl (like Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al”). This one was my most expensive addition at £1!

various-hits5I also picked up a Jesus Jones picture disc 12” for “International Bright Young Thing”. I do already have this, had it since it came out in like 1991, but for 50p I decided I couldn’t leave it there. It’s an addiction you know…

jesusjones-ibyt-picdisc12Then another picture disc. Not an official product, an interview disc with an interview from The Bangles. But again, for only 50p I thought I’d add it, will give it a listen at some point I’d imagine.

bangles-interviewpicdisc-12I then picked up a 12” copy of Republica’s “Ready To Go”. A classic tune and not bad for the asking price of just 10p!

republica-readytogo12Then I grabbed the 10” gatefold edition of “Fall To Love” by Diesel Park West. Another record I bought when it came out but felt it could not be left there as it was again only 10p! Diesel Park West were a cracking band and should have been so much bigger than they were.

dieselparkwest-falltolove-10Then a few random purchases to close it off. A Voice Of The Beehive album for example, a band I know little, well nothing about, so worth a check out. Then a couple of compilations. One called Rock ‘n Roller Disco. Loads of tracks I don’t know on here in with stuff like The Buggles and Boomtown Rats. 10p again, what the hell! And one old school collection where each artists has 2 songs from the likes of The Animals, Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart. It was again only 10p and I did have my partner’s Dad in mind for this before I found out he has an irrational hatred of Rod Stewart, fair enough, I’ll add this to the collection then.

voiceofthebeehive-letitbee-LPvarious-rocknrollerdisco-LPvarious-themostcollection-lpTotal Records: 8 Total Spend: £2.50

5th June 2015 – Notting Hill

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