4th June 2015 – Thatcham

I picked my daughter’s up from school and we nipped into Thatcham to check their 4 charity shops out quickly. The girls like to rummage the books to see if they can find anything of interest (they did pick up a nice Paddington Bear book from 1972 for 30p and a couple of others) and of course I like a quick flick through the vinyl box to see if anything new has come in since my last visit.

I did indeed find a couple worth picking up. The first being a 12” single by The Lightning Seeds of their song “The Life Of Riley”. One of their only decent moments as this is a slice of indie pop that’s pretty memorable. I grabbed it for the princely sum of 50p!

thelightningseeds-thelifeofrileyI also picked up a copy of an Extreme album in great condition. It even came with a sheet of stickers inside, a few different sizes that were supposed to be stuck to the cover I’d imagine. I only know their hit “More Than Words” which I admit is pure cheese. But though this album in this condition may be worth more than the £1 asking price. Turns out the cheapest on Discogs in £7.50, so I did pretty well there.

extreme-IIpornografittiTotal Records: 2 Total Spend: £1.50

4th June 2015 – Thatcham

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