30th May 2015 – Barkingside

Grabbed a lift to London with my parents and visited my Nan. We went out for lunch and I had a quick rummage in the 6 or 7 charity shops that were around. Sadly not a whole lot, few bits of vinyl for flick through and I did pick up just the one piece.

A copy of Billy Joel’s “Glass Houses” was acquired for the pricely sum of £1. Now I know little about this album and if I am honest I don’t know a whole lot of Billy Joel’s stuff, but this seemed like a great one to pick up and have a listen to. This came out in 1980 and the condition of the record and cover is really good for the age of it. So well worth a quid (discogs seems to value it around a fiver!).   Now I just hope that it sounds good!

billjoel-glasshousesInfo can be seen here on this release: http://www.discogs.com/Billy-Joel-Glass-Houses/master/68791

30th May 2015 – Barkingside

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