23RD May 2015 – Southampton

A trip to Southampton (with the main intention being heading to IKEA in order to finally pick up the Kallax units I’ve wanted for a while) meant we had a little time to check out the town centre.

I know there’s not a lot there but always have a quick rummage in the mostly overpriced Oxfam music store that they have there.

Again today didn’t really fill me with a whole lot of purchasing inspiration, even if some items did seem to be much better value. I ended up with just the one 12” single however. A copy of “Things That Make You Go Hmmm…” by C+C Music Factory. I always loved the pure cheese factor of this song and still know most of the words. But the A-side was some house mix and didn’t have the rap on it, very disappointing! I am hoping the B-side will have it on when I do get round to playing it. But, the price was nice, for some reason this one cost me the grand sum of 33p!

c+c-thingsthatmakeyougohmmm12Total Records: 1   Total Spend: £0.33

23RD May 2015 – Southampton

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