16th May 2015 – Banbury

A weekend away means new towns and new 2nd hand or charity shops to check to see if they have any records that need a new home. My new home, I of course mean my home!

First shop I stumbled upon had a load but as I entered the owner was sat there on his laptop flicking through a pile of records and obviously getting prices for them. I did still have a flick through just on the off chance but there was nothing that really took my fancy and although he had a few interesting looking older punk compilations, the prices were way more than I would be willing to part with and made a hasty exit.

The charity shops also left little joy and all I did manage to pick up was a Soul Asylum 10” single that was in great condition for 50p. And also a copy of Now 12 – double vinyl, released back in 1988. It was only £1 so what the hell.


Total Records: 2 (well 3 if you count the double LP)   Total Spend: £1.50

16th May 2015 – Banbury

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