4th May 2015 – Ardleigh Car Boot Sale

My second trip here recently and this time I was sadly left with nothing new to add to the collection. I did find some interesting LP’s kicking about, one chap had a huge bundle of soundtracks that if I am honest I would have liked to pick a few of them up. But the chap was asking £2 a pop for them, then tried 3 for a fiver. If they’d been a quid I may have added a few to my collection, but I can be a bit tight at times and don’t like to feel like I am being ripped off.

Walking around the rest of the car boot there was indeed a few stalls with vinyl on offer, but again it was mostly utter shite to be fair. I did however manage to spot a grand total of 5 copies of “No Parlez”. One chap had all his vinyl priced and wanted £4 for it! Mental, that’s always never more than a quid. This is the same chap who had an album by The Who marked at £60. Just checked online and its worth about a fiver!!! No bloody clue some people!

Empty handed on this occasion…

Total Records: 0   Total Spend: £0.00

No Parlez Score: 5

4th May 2015 – Ardleigh Car Boot Sale

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