1st May 2015 – Mail Order Arrivals

I was contacted recently by the chap I bought the Fucked Up 7” single from with regards to a list of other stuff he had for sale. There was a lot of decent stuff on there to be fair but decided to limit myself and just picked a few bits up.


The main draw for me was the chance to get a copy of the second Fat Wreck Chords sampler “Survival Of The Fattest”. One of my favourite compilations of all time (incidentally I have 2 copies of it on CD!) so to add this to the vinyl collection was a definite must. The line up on here is insance, so many great bands and songs! And for the asking price of only £2 too!


Also adding a copy of “Go To Hell” by Sick On The Bus for £3 had to be done. A great punk rock band, incidentally I was wearing a Sick On The Bus t-shirt on both occasions that my children were born!


Then the 7” singles. I have been trying to cut down on these in recent times, but did grab a couple more. Firstly an Only Crime one, which is a split with Outbreak (who I was not familiar with). Only Crime are incredible melodic hardcore fronted by Russ Rankin of Good Riddance. Pretty chuffed to pick this 2007 US release up for £2. Info on this one is here: http://www.discogs.com/Only-Crime-And-Outbreak-Only-Crime-Outbreak/master/616334


And to top the order off, I picked up a 7” single from Runnin’ Riot – a split with Tower Blocks on Punk Shit Records. A quid well spent too! Info: http://www.discogs.com/Runnin-Riot-Tower-Blocks-Runnin-Riot-Tower-Blocks/release/3221268



So 4 records for a grand total of £8!!! If I am honest I would have paid at least double that, maybe more to add those to the collection, so a bloody good haul indeed!

1st May 2015 – Mail Order Arrivals

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