23rd April 2015 – Kingston, Man Overboard show

A night out in Kingston to see Man Overboard playing meant I knew full well that there would be a huge lure of vinyl on the merch table. But, I also know that sometimes the prices can be a bit higher than I would ideally like to part with. I only briefly glanced over at the merch and noticed that the opening band Smile & Burn had their latest LP for £15. If it had been a tenner, I’d have picked it up but not at that price.  I managed to resist all urges.

Anyways, I had arranged to meet a mate there who runs UK DIY Punk label, Disconnect Disconnect Records. Always a pleasure to hang out with him and tonight he was kind enough to hand me over a couple of pretty sweet albums. Apologising that the Local Resident Failure one was only on standard black vinyl rather than the limited yellow. But to be honest you can’t grumble at a free LP. I’m not overly fussed by fancy colours, rather just have the music to enjoy. It’s also a cracking album, Aussie skate punk rock very much in the vein of Frenzal Rhomb, incidentally I am seeing them next week (first time in over a decade). The second was an album from Rust Belt Lights, on fancy red vinyl.

lrf+rblAlways nice to get a couple of free records, especially ones that sound as good as these two do!



You can check the label out here:  http://disconnectdisconnect.co.uk/


23rd April 2015 – Kingston, Man Overboard show

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